We are given three improper associations in the realm of deciding what is right to believe, and they are (1) that the evolution theory is science, (2) that Atheism is where all of the smart people eventually go, and the main reason: (3) that Christianity is uncertain.  But both Theism and Atheism have in them their share of uncertainty.  One uncertainty is tied to honor–that is, it is heroic and worth-while to believe, and the other is tied to nothing–that is, it has no grounds of basis for any of its claims on any other virtue than that of itself; no comparative nor correlative qualities that are justifiable by the laws of reason.  There is nothing heroic about going against reason.  The latter is the uncertainty that Atheism possesses.


About lizriddle

Hello! My name is Elizabeth (you may call me Liz or Lizzy) and I write and edit for this composite blog involving mainly images and documents. My co-writer is Alex, and she does the artwork for this site, as well as helping me edit my written-work (some of her writing is her own). Our group of friends occasionally has their own input on what is posted. We are currently delving into and producing two years of apologetic works and studies. Jesus rules.
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